So, where will I be going?

I will certainly have to update this page once I am actually there but so far I know this:

Papua New Guinea certainly has an “interesting” reputation as a country. Since I agreed to this assignment I have  heard a number of horror stories from people whose uncle, brother or friend has worked or visited the country. Most of the stories involve spears, guns, decapitated heads and lots more of that fun stuff.


My own research shows that PNG is incredibly diverse, according to Wikipedia 848 languages are listed for the country. Violence seems to be very high, especially in the capital of Port Moresby.

Kavieng itself seems to be a very peaceful place in comparison. It is the capital of the New Ireland province, an island east of the mainland. In fact, it seems to be the only “town” in the entire province. Roughly 20 000 people live in Kavieng. It is a small tourist destination, popular with surfers and scuba divers. It has many interesting relics from WWII which can be seen underwater, like a Japanese bomber plane. Unfortunately some of the local marine life can be quite unpleasant, like stone fish and the highly poisonous box jelly fish.

The climate is tropical, Kavieng lies only 2 degrees south of the equator.

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