“Fishing for piksa” is now online

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“piksa” is the Tok Pisin word for “image” or “picture”. Considering I will be teaching people at the National Fisheries College how to make videos about fishing, I thought this blog title makes sense. I am glad it is now online. It still needs some work, but I hope it will be nice and shiny and all good to go when I head out to become Mowgli of the jungle.

Since I have accepted the assignment there has not been a quiet moment for me. VSA requires it’s volunteers to undergo very thorough medical and dental examinations. I receive vaccinations for every possible tropical disease. The doctor said “when I look on my list, what PNG does NOT have is rabies…………..”. It’s good to know there is one thing I can tick off my list of worries.

Currently I am busy setting up this blog and an internet presence in general. It still needs work but at least I now have something online. The next steps will be a Facebook “fan page” (I always wanted to know how it is to have fans) and a fundraising page for VSA. I have just finished building my own DIY solar generator in a tool box. I was told electricity is kind of unreliable in Kavieng so it was a great excuse for me to build one. I am really interested in solar power but never had a reason or excuse to spend money on something like this. I’ve learned heaps doing it.  Four weeks ago the extent of my knowledge concerning electricity could be summarized like this: “I flip the switch and light goes on, I stick a nail in one of the holes and I am dead”. Now I am working with my multimeter as if I was born with one in my hand.

On Wednesday I will hopefully know a more precise date of my departure so I can make preparations towards packing up stuff and letting my landlord know I will be moving out. I am very excited!

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  1. cat

    Hey drop me an email, we are going to be sailing about that area in a few months!

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